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Please Remove Your Shoes

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Please Remove Your Shoes is a revealing documentary about broken government process. It is also an empathetic story about a half dozen public servants who try to fix it. And it is a familiar topic to all of us who have flown in the last fifteen years: the security routine at the airport, first the FAA and now the TSA. Please Remove Your Shoes asks the questions that make Washington squirm: “Are we any better for all our money spent? Or is it safe to say that nothing has changed?"

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What people are saying ...

 "a damaging documentary..." CNN

"a jaw dropping documentary..." Fox and Friends

"a documentary which you've got to see..." Judge Andrew Napolitano

"It makes for riveting watching...even by frequent flyers..."     Rudy Maxa

 "A sobering look at persistent issues..."  Billie Vincent, Former Chief of FAA Security

"An extremely important documentary..."  James van Maanen,  Trust Movies

"Provocative, timely, long-overdue..."   Patrick Smith, Salon.com

"Is it safer to fly today than it was before 9/11? The short answer, according to this new documentary, is no."   Scott Mayerowitz, ABC News

"Excellent...4 stars..." Kam Williams, Syndicated columnist 


Did you know...

According to GAO, TSA inspectors spend 33% of their time inspecting, 8% on incidents, 5% investigating, 5% on “outreach”, and 49% of their time on “other.” Other?

10% of useable TSA equipment (worth millions) in transit is stored for 2 years or more due to poor logistical processes.

During the first 3 months of 2007, the TSA Logistics Center received eight explosive detection systems units at a cost of about $7 million.  As of January 2009, all eight explosive detection systems units remained in storage at the Logistics Center.

In December of 2009 TSA leaked a full copy of its 2008 S.O.P., screening protocol, and other security standards onto the internet.


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